2021 Super Bowl Betting is Higher Than Last Year’s

Anyone who uses betting software knows that early February is the busiest time of the year when it comes to sports betting. Especially in the US, where the betting market moves billions of dollars in action annually. While many are expecting industries to go slower due to the pandemic, the opposite seems to be true for the sports wagering business. The 2021 Super Bowl betting handle is higher than last year, a welcome surprise to bookies everywhere.

Last year, the betting handle for NFL betting was around $280-$300 million. The data for 2021 is still incomplete, but so far, the handle shows more than $400 million. Keep in mind that the numbers are actually higher, as the data does not come from all sportsbooks. One major reason why the numbers are higher this year, is that more states have legalized sports betting. This year, there are 20 states (plus the District of Columbia) that have regulated sports betting markets.

2021 Super Bowl Betting

2021 Super Bowl Betting is Higher Than Last Year’sLooking at this year’s numbers, it seems that there is a 254% jump in year-on-year gambling traffic for the weekend of Super Bowl. Even the states with larger betting markets, like Pennsylvania and New Jersey, saw more than 70% in traffic. Of course, people were also probably betting on other sports that weekend, so the numbers are not exclusive to the Super Bowl. However, the Super Bowl is the biggest gambling day for sports bettors. So sportsbooks will of course be seeing a lot of traffic in their sites. In Nevada alone, $136.1 million worth of wagers are on the Super Bowl. The previous year’s handle was $154.7 million. While its lower this year, it is understandable since Nevada’s gambling market is weakened by policies that limit the capacities of casinos and sportsbooks due to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, New Jersey’s handle for this year on the Super Bowl is $117.4 million. This is more than what other states would have in a month for all wagers. Keep in mind that California, Florida, New York, and Texas make up for a third of the population of the US. These states do not have regulated sports betting market. So, the $400+ million mark that we see on the handle for US betting on the Super Bowl is definitely higher. Given the amazing performance of the betting market in the middle of a pandemic, it’s a good indicator for people who want to enter the gambling industry to get on with finding betting software development providers and get into the bookie business.


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