Acquiring Players with a Bookie Referral Program

Acquiring Players with a Bookie Referral Program In our last tutorial on How to be a Successful Bookie, we wrote about Acquiring Players thru Sportsbook Bonuses. Thus, you will learn how to acquire players thru a Bookie Referral Program where your players will advocate your sportsbook.

The basis of a sportsbook referral program is using your customers to spread through word-of-mouth the services you offer. Such referrals are the best because word-of-mouth referrals make up 20-50% of most purchasing decision. Therefore, creating a Bookie Referral Program is essential for your bookie business to grow even more.

However, even if your players are happy with your gambling services, it does not mean they will refer you.  Let’s be honest, referrals do not happen because of your players’ good will towards your company.  No, they usually take place because your players will gain something from it.  Therefore, you need to give your players the right incentive to refer your sportsbook to their friends, family and acquaintances.

Learn How to Create a Bookie Referral Program

A well made Sportsbook referral program can help you get new bettors at a very low cost.  This is because it incentivizes your happy players to share how great your bookies service is for a small gift. According to a Harvard study, researchers found that customers obtained thru referrals were more loyal and more valuable than other customers. Thus, here is How to Create a Bookie Referral Program to make our Bookie Service even more successful.

What kind of Rewards should you give your Players?

What kind of Rewards should you give your Players? The first step is to figure out what your players want in exchange for referring their friends to you. Whatever you decided to give them, make sure you can afford to do it.  The best way to get around that is by offering a Bookie Referral program made up of Reward Tiers. Thus, the more referrals they bring the better the reward.

Here is an example, if a player brings you 10 customers or less in a month, they get $25 in free bet for each player.  If they bring over 10 players, then they get $50 per referrals.  However, just keep in mind that you need to have a good set of rules in order for your Bookie Referral Program to be a success.

This is because you need to protect your bookie business as well to make sure no one takes advantage of it.  Thus, you need to create and publish your referral rules which should define what qualifies as a referral.  For example, a good rule would be to say a referral is someone that is actively wagering with

Advertising your Referral Program

Once your sportsbook referral program is in place, you have to let your players know about it.  The best way to do that is by advertising it on your website or by sending them an email.  However, keep in mind that you want to have eye-catching material that clearly states the advantages of referring their friends.

Giving and Tracking Referral Rewards

By using the Bookie Pay Per Head Service, you will be able to ensure your players get their referral rewards on time. This is because adding bonuses and giving cash to players is very easy. In addition, you will be able to easily keep track of the rewards you give out.  This is because our sports betting platform allows you to add, edit and track the rewards you give out.

The best part is that there is no extra for this feature as it is part of our normal Pay Per Head package!

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