Are All Bookie Pay Per Head the Same?

Are All Bookie Pay Per Head the Same or not?Today, one of the most popular way to open a sportsbook is by using the bookie pay per head solution. This is because in most cases, a bookie can start their bookie business in just minutes and it is cost-efficient. However, there are many Bookie PPH providers on the market which makes it difficult for a bookie to choose one.  Especially since the features of most Pay Per Head are similar. Thus, today we answer the question, Are All Bookie Pay Per Head the same or not?

This is a critical question for most future gambling operators because researching PPH companies is a lot of work. According to, an information website about Pay Per Head services, there are over 50 PPH Providers in the world. In comparison, there are only a handful of sports betting software companies on the market. Needless to say, it is a lot of information to sort thru and process for one person.

Essentially, all Pay Per Head Bookie services do the same thing since they all provide a gambling platform for players. It does not matter whether a PPH uses different sportsbook software like RDG, ASI, or any other software. In the end, they all do the same thing.  What makes them different are usually small features, quality of services and of course the price.

Are All Bookie Pay Per Head the Same or not?

Even though the betting software more or less does the same thing, there are subtle differences in each provider. Therefore, not All Bookie Pay Per Head are the same. Here are the most common differences in Bookie Pay Per Head services.

Price of the Pay Per Head Service – In an industry with a low revenue percentage around 5%, cost efficiency is everything. This is why the best prices for a sportsbook pay per head are around $3 to $9 per player. However, this is only part of the overall service. Therefore, make sure to choose a PPH that have competitive prices and good products and services.

Quality of Service – We are talking about the customer service for both your players and for yourself as a bookie. This is because keeping your players happy is what makes your business grow and thrive. Unfortunately. Not all PPH have good customer service. Therefore, look for one that is known for having great customer service.

Sportsbook Pay Per Head Features – Most Bookie PPH have the same features for bookie management, However, some like offer better reporting and risk management tools. You want a sportsbook PPH that offers tools that fit your sportsbook management style.

Gambling Options – Again, the gambling options you want will depend on what kind of gambling operation you have. Some PPH offer extra player gambling options like live betting and a casino at an extra cost. On the other hand, others like gives it all to you without paying extra.

In the end, a sports betting operator first needs to decide what kind of sportsbook they want. From there, it is a matter of deciding what gambling options and tools they want to achieve their goals.

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