Become a Bookie with the Right Betting Software

How to Become a Bookie with the Right Betting SoftwareEven though being a bookie is not the oldest profession in the world, it is also not the newest. This is because the earliest record of sports betting goes back as far as ancient Greece. However, there is a large difference between an ancient bookie and modern bookie. One of these differences is addition of the sports betting software. Therefore, today we teach you How to Become a Bookie with the Right Betting Software.

The current sportsbook industry is thriving with thousands of sportsbooks available online or in person. Needless to say, it is a competitive industry worth well over $203 billion with Europe as the dominant player. Despite the heavy competition, there is no over saturation of sportsbooks on the market. In fact, anyone can easily become a bookie today and still make living from it.

While most bookies cannot partner with professional leagues and broadcasting companies, this has nothing to do with success. This is because with about 30-50 active players per week, a bookie can make enough profit to live off. Of course, that is only if they have the right tools and support to help them achieve maximum profitability.

Now, let’s go over how bookies can be successful with the right betting software!

How to Become a Bookie with the Right Betting Software

There are four important aspects that can make or break a bookie business. These are sports betting odds management, the Profit Margin, Customer service and keeping your players happy. This is where a betting software comes into play as it gives bookies the tools they need to thrive.

There are many sportsbook software on the market but most of them are beyond what a small bookie can afford. On average, a bookmaker will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the betting platform.  Even a white label sportsbook solution is expensive for a bookie.

Therefore, bookies will use a Pay Per Head Service to enter the sports wagering market. This is because it comes with a complete sportsbook solution suite which includes the sports betting platform.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Becoming a Bookie with The Pay Per Head Solution

Opening a bookie business with is fast, easy and affordable. This is because it provides a complete sports gaming software and services at an affordable price. In addition, to the software, a PPH also provides odds management, customer service and even a sportsbook website. If that was not enough it also comes complete with a risk management system and reports and a casino.

Here is how to become a bookie

  1. Open a Bookie PPH Account with
  2. Find bettors and create a betting account for them
  3. Manage your players by setting limits, bonuses and gaming options
  4. Send them to one of the many sportsbook websites we host, or have us create one for you.
  5. Maximize your profits with our player risk management system
  6. Collect your gambling profits!

Start a Bookie Business Today with for $5 or Less Per player with no Deposit or Commitment!

Bookie Pay Per Head Service