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Last updated on October 4th, 2022 at 07:48 am

How to Become a Football Bookie the Fast and Easy WayThis week is huge for football and sports betting fans alike as the football season officially starts! If you have ever thought about becoming a bookie, now is the time to do it. This is because the football season is the most profitable season for bookies in the U.S. In this bookie tutorial, we go over how to Become a Football Bookie the fast and easy way.

The sports market in the U.S. is worth over $80.5 billion and will grow to $83.1 billion by 2023. Out of all of the sports available in North America, Football is king. In fact, 112 million Americans watch NFL games every week for a total of 272 regular season games! Furthermore, these does not even include college football with 124 team and over 1,400 games to watch in a season. Yes, that is a lot of football games to watch and bet on!

Needless to say, now is the perfect time to open a football betting operation and earn a profit from it. This is because you have 18 weeks of NFL and 13 weeks of college football to earn money from football betting. And that does not even include the postseason, the Super Bowl or the College Bowls!

According to the latest statistics, over 45.2 million Americans will bet on football this season. In addition, football sportsbooks expect to take over $100 billion in football bets. Therefore, there is plenty of money to go around for existing and new football bookies.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service

How to Become a Football Bookie the Fast and Easy Way

Becoming a football bookie is fast and easy when you use a Bookie Pay Per Head service. This is because we do all of the hard work for you from managing lines to providing the sportsbook software. The only thing you have to worry about is acquiring players, managing them, payouts and collecting money!

The First step to becoming a football bookie is to make sure you have enough money to be a bookie. The amount necessary will depend on how you manage your sportsbook. Therefore, it can be as little as a few thousand dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars.

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The second step to becoming a Football Bookie is to sign-up for a Pay Per Head Account. This is because using a Pay Per head service is the most cost-efficient way to become a bookie. Furthermore, it will greatly lower the amount of money you need to become one.

For $5 or less per player, here is what you and your players will get:


  • Betting websites for your players
  • Easy to use player management system
  • Set player limits and access
  • Create and edit your players
  • Easily enable and disable player gambling options
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Player figures
  • Intuitive and reliable reports
  • And much more

  • Sports Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Player Prop Bet Builder
  • horse racing
  • Online Casino
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Telephone betting
  • Online Wagering

The Third Step to Become a Football Bookie is to simply add and manage your players in the system. Thanks to our state-of-the-art bookie platform, you can easily manage your sportsbook operation. This is because you are able to manage the risk of each player with our reporting and alert system. In addition, our sportsbook software will help you manage all wagers made, payouts and deposits.

Open a Football Betting Operation with Huge Revenue Potential

On average football bookies with only 30-50 players have the potential to make over $2,000 a week in revenue. Since you are only paying $5 or less per player with, this is a huge profit margin.

So, what are you waiting for?

Open a Football Sportsbook with with no Obligation or Deposit!

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Bookie Pay Per Head Service

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