Bet365 Launches Its Sportsbook in Iowa

Bet365 Launches Its Sportsbook in IowaIowans will now have more sportsbook options when it comes to betting on sports in Iowa. This is because Bet365 Launches its Sportsbook in Iowa via a multi-year partnership with Casino Queen Marquette. Thus, the sportsbook now operates in a total of 5 US states.

According to gambling software analysts, this is just the latest push to expand into the US sports betting market. Now, Bet365, a British online gaming company is available to bettors in Iowa, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, and Colorado.

While this is a great opportunity for Bet365 to expand in the U.S. Betting market, they will face tough competition. Sports betting in Iowa became legal in 2019 which led to many businesses wanting to open a sportsbook in Iowa. Thus, Bet365 will have to compete with 19 other sportsbooks that are already operating within the state. These include several large gambling bookmakers like DraftKings, BetMGM, FanDuel and Caesars Sportsbook.

Originally, Iowa had more sportsbook operating in the state like Unibet, theScore Bet and Tipico. However, these gambling operations chose to close their doors in Iowa. Needless to say, this only shows how competitive the market in Iowa is for sportsbooks.

Bet365 Launches Its Sportsbook in Iowa in partnership with Casino Queen Marquette

According to gambling insiders, Bet365 has been trying to enter the Iowan betting market since earlier this year. Their original plan was to enter the sports betting market in Iowa in May of 2023. However, things did not go smoothly as the licensing process took longer than they thought.

Despite these setbacks, Bet365 is now in Iowa and ready to take bets from Iowans.

According to a spokesperson from Bet365, they are very happy to be in the Hawkeye State. “From Sioux City to Marquette and everywhere in between, Iowans will now have access to our market-leading sportsbook product”

Sean Bateman, General Manager of Casino Queen Marquette, could not be happier with the partnership. He said they are happy to “work with bet365 to provide players with an in-demand and trusted source for safe online wagering”. Furthermore, he believes that sports fans in Iowa will benefit from their online sportsbook and promotions.

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