Bookie Demographics: PA Sportsbooks Sees Younger Bettors

Last updated on June 8th, 2019 at 04:34 am

Becoming a bookie is basically putting up your own business. You can do it full-time, or you can do it on the side. Either way, it’s a business with customers, and you will want your customers happy and your customer base expanding.

A growing concern in the gambling industry is an aging demographic of gamblers. When a customer base ages, you will want a new source of players. The average bookie agent may be helping out the gambling industry in that matter through sportsbooks.

Bookie Demographics

Hollywood Casino in Pennsylvania, US, has taken notice of this new and younger customer base. Since they opened their sportsbook room last year, they have been seeing a whole new demographic enter their doors. The influx of gamblers has been placing wagers for sports events. And this is only for in-store betting. Over the next few months, they will be launching online sports betting.

Of course, online sports betting tends to attract a younger customer base, especially tech savvy bettors. There are of course, older players and bookies who have embraced technology as well as the convenience of sports betting from your computer and your phone.

The sportsbook area in the Hollywood casino gets heavy traffic on weekends, usually for wagers on weekend sports events. But Thursday night saw an NFL game. Most of the bettors were male, and older. Some were recognized as former bettors for horse racing. They would also see some customers that they would not have otherwise seen in the floors of their casino.

This is a good market feedback that you could put to use in your sportsbook. Do you know someone who bets on horses or visits the poker table every once in a while? Maybe they could come over and try out your sportsbook? Similarly, are your players almost always male? Maybe they have female friends who would like to place a wager? Study these as an option for you to widen your own player demographic.

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