Bookie Industry in Delaware Rises in August

The bookie industry in Delaware is finally recovering after two straight months of low sports betting handles. This August, the total sports betting handle for Delaware is at $5.23 in August. This is 27% higher than the July handle of $4,110,581. Keep in mind that Delaware only offers brick-and-mortar sports betting. Anyone in the state who is legally allowed to place a bet can only do so in retail sportsbooks and sports lottery retailers.

If you are learning how to be a bookie, then knowing the market demand will help you improve your sports betting business. In the case of Delaware, they are no stranger to online gambling. The state currently allows iGaming, and online casinos are legal in Delaware. While there are no numbers for August iGaming in the state, July’s handle is at $24,965,916.

Bookie Industry in Delaware: The Potential for Growth

Bookie Industry in Delaware Rises in AugustOffering multiple options and making your sportsbook more accessible is important in becoming a successful bookie. If you compare the sports betting numbers of the state (retail only), with iGaming (online), then you can see the disparity in handle. Should the state allow online sports betting, then we will be most likely to see higher numbers in their sports betting reports each month.

Starting Thursday, we will be seeing the NFL opening day. This signals in a large influx of wagers on NFL betting. The NFL is the top sports league that Americans bet on. Of course, it follows that as soon as football season starts, the sports betting handles for bookies everywhere will be rising. And this fall, the NFL, plus college football will give sportsbooks more betting options to offer. You will also have the NBA, as well as college basketball, to sustain that handle well into winter, and up until March Madness.


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