Bookie Industry May Come Soon to Puerto Rico

Those in the bookie pay per head business know how well the gambling industry works in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico, which is a part of the US, wants in. The Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosello, announced early this week about a bill related to sports betting. If the bill passes, it will allow online sports betting, as well as in-person sports betting. The bill also contains details that may allow for esports and fantasy sports as well. This is, of course, quite a comprehensive bill to offer.

Most sports betting sites do try to offer a lot of wagering options. But the inclusion of esports as well as fantasy sports can open the door to more profit for bookmakers. You can learn how to become a bookie to find out more.

Puerto Rico and Sports Betting

The bill was made by the chairman of the House Tourism Committee, Representative Nestor Alonso Vega. Governor Rosello believes that by allowing sports betting in Puerto Rico, they could garner as much as $44-66 million in taxes alone every year.

The bill also contains the creation of a Gaming Commission. This office will be in charge of creating the regulations that the local gambling industry must comply with. They will also be the office that will issue the licenses needed by operators. This commission will be made up of 7 people from both the public and private sector. They will also work closely with the Financial Institutions Commissioner’s Office, which will oversee the gambling market.

This bill can help Puerto Rico economically. It also puts Puerto Rico on the map in terms of local and international destinations for gaming, entertainment, and tourism. Of course, there will be measures to protect and prevent minors from participating in gambling. Gambling addiction support will be provided as well. The tax revenue that they will generate will go to this, as well as sports for the youth, and equipment and training support for the police, too.

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