Bookie News: Colorado Sports Betting is Now Legal

Months and months after tedious planning and voting by Colorado residents and lawmakers, the news is in: Colorado sports betting is now legal. Initially, plans to launch the local market was scheduled for May 1. A lot of people were concerned about the coronavirus pandemic. But the state still continues on without a hitch. If anything, the demand for sports betting and gambling is still the same. There are a lot of bookies starting to even open a casino website of their own to supplement their income.

Looking Back at The Colorado Sports Betting Beginnings

sports betting in ColoradoEfforts to create a sports betting market in Colorado began shortly after sports betting was finally declared legal in the US. Lawmakers worked hard to come up with a sports betting bill, HB19-1327, to accommodate the demand. It will, after all, help contribute to the local economy, especially with the tax and licensing fees they can collect from sportsbooks.

Proposition DD was voted on back in November 2019, where residents are to place votes to approve the measure to allow for sports betting in the state. Since the pandemic has shut down almost all establishments, online wagering will be the main method of wagering.

Online Sports Betting in the State

Sports betting has always enjoyed a large market share in sportsbook markets, and the numbers continue to grow. Bookie software solution providers are reporting a surge in signups and wagers in different gambling events and games online. With people staying safe at home, bookies are giving their players excellent sports betting and casino experiences from their phones and laptops.

Colorado residents will have access to around 17 different sportsbooks. However, it may take a while to reach that number. Sportsbooks who will operate in the state are slowly rolling out their operations. Even though there are limited sports betting events around the world, there are always other things people can bet on. Of course, the best sportsbooks will have action readily available. And if its not enough, then ask your bookie for an online casino you can play in.

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