Be a Bookie for the NFL Season

Be a Bookie for the NFL SeasonThe NFL season is right around the corner which means bookies and sportsbooks are scrambling to acquire new bettors.  This is because the NFL season is the busiest and most profitable time of the year for the bookies.  Thus, it’s currently a mad dash to acquire and retain bettors!  However, it’s never too late to Be a Bookie for the NFL Season and here is how to do it!

In fact, it’s common for some bookies to only open up shop during the NFL season as many bookies have other jobs.  Since the NFL season is the most profitable, it only makes sense for part-time bookies to only take bets during that time.

Also, contrary to popular belief, becoming a bookie is easy with the right set of mind and the right tools. Thus, it is possible for them to only take bets during the NFL season by using the Bookie Pay per Head Solution!

Here is How to Be a Bookie for the NFL Season

The first thing to do is to setup your Pay Per Head Account with  It only takes a few seconds as you only need to answer three questions.  Once you submit the form, your Bookie Agent account is automatically made.

Acquiring Players for the NFLFrom there, you only need to login your pay per head account and create a betting account for your players. Afterwards, just set their wagering limits and gambling access, give them their login information and one of our website addresses.

We also have telephone wagering available.  Thus, you can also give them that phone number for your players that like to place their bets by phone.

The only thing you need to worry about is getting new players and making sure that your clients are happy.  This is because we take care of everything else from player customer service to setting up the sports betting odds.

Acquiring Players for the NFL

Acquiring Players for the NFL is a challenge but if you start slowly and in a smart way you will be fine.  The first step is to simply take bets from friends and family.  Even if you only have 5-10 bettors, it is still profitable because you only pay $5 per player with

Afterwards, it is just a matter of getting referrals from your current players and in no time business will increase.  However, if you want to start out big, then you will have to make a bigger effort and spend money.  This is because you will have to spend time doing social media marketing and spend money on advertising your sportsbook.

Are you Ready to be an NFL Bookie?  Then start now by opening your bookie agent account with  The best part is that no deposit is necessary and the first two weeks are free!

Click here to get started for only $5 Per Player!

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