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Be a Bookie Online – Online Sports Betting SoftwareDespite sports betting being legal in many states, bookie agents are as popular and profitable as ever.  The main reason is because they provide a human touch to a profit driven industry and because they offer credit. In our Be a Bookie Online series, we will go over choosing the Online Sports Betting Software.

Before we go into how to be a bookie, let’s talk about the difference between a bookie and a sportsbook. The size is usually one the main deciding factor between a bookie and a sportsbook.  However, the ultimate deciding factor is credit and personal relationship.  This is because a bookie initially tends to deal with players on a personal level while sportsbook do not.

In fact, this is why the Pay Per Head Bookie industry is still thriving despite sports betting being legal in many countries. Most bettors are normal workers who want to place bets but sometimes must wait for their paycheck. A sportsbook will not give you credit to bet on Thursday night football while a bookie will allow it.

Using a Pay Per Head with the Best Online Sports Betting Software

A bookie will usually start his business taking sports wagers from friends, families and acquaintances.  However, bookies who are trying to lighten their work load and expand their businesses will use of a bookie website. In addition, the smart bookie will use a Pay Per Head provider to provide them with a quality online sports betting software.

This is because a Bookie PPH provides them with everything to run a bookie service.  Thus, they get the sports wagering software, player betting website, gambling infrastructure and more. However, not all PPH are equal which is why it is important to choose the right online sports betting software.

Qualities of the Best Online Sports Betting Software

Qualities of the Best Online Sports Betting Software

According to the 9 out of 10 bookies, the following features are necessary in an online sports betting software.

  1. Easy to use and understand player management platform with:
    1. Easily create and edit players
    2. Ability to set player wagering limits and gambling option
    3. Having the ability to Set and Edit Odds
    4. Banking options to give credit, post-up deposits and bonuses
  2. Intuitive and Reliable Reporting 
    1. In order to have a successful bookie business, you have to understand how your players bet. Thus, you bookie agents needs reports that can help them manage risks.
  3. Have a variety of gambling options such as:
    1. Sports betting
    2. Live In-Game Sports Betting
    3. Online Casino
    4. Live Dealer Casino
    5. Racebook

Use the Sports Betting Software

Without a doubt, offers the best online sports betting software for sportsbook pay per head agents. This is because they have an award winning gambling software based on the DGS platform.  It is versatile, easy to use and affordable because they only charge $5 per players.  Thus, you get the software, the gambling website and all of their Pay Per Head services.

In addition, all their Pay Per Head Services include all of the above features and you get the first two weeks for FREE!

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