Bookie Schedule: Your Day-to-Day Sportsbook Guide

Bookie Schedule: Your Day-to-Day Sportsbook GuideJust like in any other business, you have to settle on a routine in terms of getting your work done. And as a bookie, you need to get your bookie schedule all set up, so your players will know what to do and when as well. And since you are the bookie, and you are in control, you can set your schedule on any preference you want. Of course, when you have a good sports betting solutions provider helping you out with compiling data, it won’t really take too much of your time.

Being a bookie is not like your typical office job where you work 9-5. Chances are, you will be working odd hours, and your weekends will definitely be exciting. But just because you are following the sports calendar, it does not mean it should dictate your schedule as well. We’ve asked one of our bookies, Chris (name changed for privacy), to talk about his day-to-day operations. Chris has been with Price Per Player for 5 years already. We hope his answers on some aspects of being a bookie can help you.

Bookie Schedule

On Day-to-Day Work

“Everyday, the first thing I do is check the betting lines and sports news. My players are more into football so that’s where I start my day. Check football news, check football betting lines. Change the lines if I need to. Check other sports where my book has action in. I also check for messages from my players in case they want to get in touch about anything. Depending on the day, I would also look into the weekend and see what I have to expect. If it is early in the week, I also check my sports betting platform for the wagers so we can do payouts. I do that once a week so its all organized.”

On Checking Operations

“Well the sportsbook does the hard work for me. All of the bets are logged in so I can just view it on the site. I do like the summaries and reports I get because it lets me see how much I win or lose at any given time. I do my numbers weekly so I tend to spend just one day dealing with paying out players. So it does not take too much of my time.”

On Strategic Planning

“My idea of strategic planning is mostly just making sure I am not on the red. Most months are good, so I just make sure I have enough to cover slower months. Since my players are mostly football bettors, I do tend to get busy from August to February. March I still get busy because of March Madness. I make sure I have enough profit from those months that I can keep some to float my sportsbook for the slower months. As long as every month I earn good, I’m okay with it. I do try to get more players each year, but its mostly my players who bring in other bettors so I just make sure I keep them satisfied with my lines. Its very simple, but it works for me.”