Bookies in Michigan: Sports Betting is Coming Soon

The House Committee on Regulatory Reform of Michigan has been busy. Which is good for the sports betting industry. As there are three legislative measures that are about sports betting that were passed by the committee. This is one step ahead for efforts for Michigan to join the list of US states that have regulated sports betting markets. Of course, this means sports betting in Michigan may happen soon.

With the growing demand for sports betting in the US, the search for the best all in one pay per head service rises as well. After all, the sports leagues playing in the US alone in a year will provide bookies with thousands of wagering options. And the best way to manage this, is through a bookie PPH.

Sports Betting in Michigan

sports betting in MichiganFirst off, we have House Bill 4916. Which proposes in-person and online sports betting. This bill will allow sportsbooks at the three commercial casinos in the state, plus tribal casinos. The tax rate is 11.25% and 8% for the tribal casinos. In addition, each sportsbook can have one partner online site.

Next, while there are other bills on sports betting, they are mostly there as supplemental bills to HB 4916. These bills will contain details on prosecuting violations on any gambling law, among others. But despite the promising bills, there could, again, be problems in the form of the state’s Governor. The current governor, Gretchen Whitmer, is not in favor of online betting. This means it’s possible that the bills may also be axed, similar to what the state’s previous governor, Rick Snyder, has done last year.

Currently, the bills are on their way to the Ways and Means Committee. Naturally, this is the next step closer to approval. If the bills pass, they will next head to the House floor for voting. And if they pass there as well, it will next go to the governor. The governor has said that she may allow for legalizing sports betting, if there will be an increase in the taxes.