Building Connections Between the Bookie and Players

When you become a bookie agent, it comes with the territory that you will be managing your players. While they are your customers and not your employees, you need to be able to build connections between the bookie and players. While all of the transactions between players and bookies are done through the sportsbook, its your job as a bookie to know your players are.

Similar to how companies work with their clients, you need to know who your clients are, what their budget is, and what their wants and needs are. Do they prefer a single sport, like baseball? Do they also play casino games?As a bookie, you will need to see their betting habits, their expenses, and if they are trustworthy. How you set their limits and your profit potential depends on this.

The Bookie and Players

Building Connections Between the Bookie and PlayersYou can start building connections with your players right as they begin. You can start with offering a reward or a bonus. If you have the budget, you can give them a free bet when they make a deposit of a certain amount. You can also build up with more milestone bonuses, referral bonuses, birthday bonuses, and the like. By giving these promotions, you are able to easily compete with other sportsbooks, and you get to make your players feel better through rewards.

As the months pass, you can use the best pay per head bookie software to help you monitor their activity. The software will be able to help you generate specific data, so you can see how much this player has bet, how much this player has won, or lost, and so on. User data is powerful as it will be your tool to determine if you can earn more from a player. A player who bets a lot can help you earn more. But if the player always wins, and behaves suspiciously like a sharp or an arbitrage bettor, then you can minimize loss by lowering their limits.


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