Can You Move Your Sportsbook and Use a New Bookie Software?

Running an online sportsbook has its own set of challenges. Most of it can be addressed by your bookie pay per head software. You are, after all, using the software to help you manage your sportsbook. This includes managing lines and players, as well as other sportsbook management tasks. But what if you are not satisfied with the current bookie software that you are using? Will it be difficult to find a better option? Can you move your sportsbook and use a new bookie software?

Why Change Your Bookie Pay Per Head Service?

Can You Move Your Sportsbook and Use a New Bookie Software?Not all bookie pay per head providers are created equal. They offer different services, at different price points. The quality also differs- from the software itself, down to customer service. And the prices and quality change over the years. 5 years ago, you would have been happy with your provider. But now? It could be a different matter.

There are a lot of reasons why you are no longer happy with your current service provider. It could be price consideration, quality issues, or your software is not as competitive as other providers. For instance, not all providers can give you detailed pay per head metrics. This becomes a disadvantage for you because you are losing out on data that can help you improve your operations.

Your players can also lose out from using features that other providers offer. This can be access to certain betting features, betting lines, and other products and services. This could include access to certain casino games, or even betting methods like telephone wagering and live chat customer service.

How to Move Your Sportsbook and Use a New Bookie Software

Now that you have decided to leave your current provider, it’s time to get a new provider and move your sportsbook operation. Whether you have just 10 players or 100 players with hundreds of wagers, you can do it easily. Here is how you can move your current sportsbook operation to a new software:

    1. Can You Move Your Sportsbook and Use a New Bookie Software?Sign up with the Price Per Player Software. Sign up with Price Per Player and create your account. The process is very easy and fast. Once you access the site, get in touch with us at Price Per Player.
    2. Talk to The Price Per Player Staff. You can call our toll-free number at 1-866-500-4934. You can also send an email to [email protected]. Or, you can click the chat option on the lower right portion of your page where you can talk to our agents via WhatsApp, Telegram, or our in-house live chat service. Tell the agent that you have an existing sportsbook and that you want to move your sportsbook operation.
    3. Move Your Sportsbook Operation. Once you have explained what you want, the Price Per Player team will immediately work on migrating your sportsbook operation to your account. This service is free, and you will not need to pay for us to help you. Your first two weeks are free with our free trial, so you won’t even need to pay anything for your first half month with us.


How to Get Started with Your New Bookie Software

Once your players’ accounts are set and the wagers are updated, you can now enjoy Price Per Player’s premium bookie pay per head software. Here are a few things that Price Per Player offers its bookies:

  • Can You Move Your Sportsbook and Use a New Bookie Software?Affordable Pay Per Head Fees. Price Per Player offers $5 per active player per week. But that fee goes down if you have more players. The Price can go down to as low as $2 per player. You also get a two-week free trial so you do not need to pay anything upfront.
  • Complete Gambling Software. Our bookie software offers a complete portfolio of sports betting products that include live betting, horse racing lines, a digital and live casino, and more. Phone wagering is also included in the software without any additional charge.
  • Innovative Products and Features. Be one of the first to use special products like advanced risk management features like player profiling and even a bot detector. Offer your players an even more enjoyable experience with our player prop bet builder. This gives them the freedom to create their own prop bets. Take your players to the latest sports betting lines and try out eSports betting.


These are only a few among a long list of features that you will enjoy with the best bookie software. We recommend that you use our free trial and see why you need to move your sportsbook operation over to Price Per Player.


Claim Your Free Two-Week Trial of the Price Per Player Bookie Software- No Upfront Fees!

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