Cheap Bookie Pay Per Head Services or Expensive Pay Per Head Services?

Cheap Bookie Pay Per Head Services or Expensive Pay Per Head Services?Ever since the inception of Bookie Pay Per Head Services, there has been an ongoing debate about price and quality. This is because the general rule of thumb is that expensive means quality while cheap means, well, cheap. However, is this real the truth when it comes to the bookie pay per head industry? Therefore, today we put the Cheap Bookie Pay Per Head Services or Expensive Pay Per Head Services question to rest!

First off, what is a Bookie Pay Per head and how does it work?  If you do not know, then you do not qualify to answer whether expensive is better than cheap. In simple terms, a Bookie Pay Per Head is a service that provides bookies a sportsbook software, logistic and support. Furthermore, what makes them different than from a white label sportsbook or starting from scratch is the price. This is because a Pay Per Head Bookie charges a weekly fee per active player. The fee usually ranges between $3 to $25 per player making it more affordable for start-up gambling operations.

Therefore, how do bookies determine whether a cheap or expensive bookie PPH service is worth the price? The answer is simple enough. This is because they only have to look at the quality of the bookie software and the services they get.

Is it a Cheap Bookie Pay Per Head or an Affordable One?

There are many factors that determine the price of a Bookie Pay Per Head provider. Therefore, the best way to see if it’s a cheap bookie PPH or an affordable one is to go thru this list.

Is it a Cheap Bookie Pay Per Head or an Affordable One?Sports Betting Software – There are about 10-15 different quality sports betting software on the market. In general, they all do the same thing except that some offer a few more features then others.  In addition, some sports betting software are more attractive and have a simpler betting layout than others.  However, that is more of a personal preference then anything else.

The thing to keep in mind is whether the extra options are worth paying extra. For example, one PPH platform may offer different types of betting odds.  However, if your players never use Asian handicapping odds, then there is no point in paying extra for that service.

Bookie Management Tools and Reports – Different Sportsbook PPH offer different management and reporting tools.  However, the reality is that most PPH offer the same types of tools.  What differentiate some PPH from others are the presentation of each tools and reports.

Other Features to think about – In this article, we are limiting ourselves to the main features but different Pay Per Head offer different features. Some features include phone wagering, live betting, prop bet generators and so on. Therefore, the question you have to ask yourself is whether these are worth the extra cost or not.

The fact of the matter is that bookies simply need to compare each Bookie Pay Per Head. For example, offers a quality sports betting software, more betting options and more management tools than the competition. However, they only charge $5 per player. Thus, it means it is not a cheap PPH but is instead a quality service at an affordable price.

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