China Emerges as New Market for British Horse Racing

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New Market for British Horse Racing

horse racingOne of the finest crossovers of gambling markets we observe is the Chinese gambling market. Its been mostly popular to bet on North American sports, such as the NBA, or the MLB. But Horse Racing is a popular option, and the Chinese are starting to enjoy the British Horse Racing market.

And this can be an important tool that the government can promote, especially regarding trading strategies. The Chinese are showing interest and are investing in horse racing. This is a good influx of money into the country. Especially if these bettors expand to actually taking a closer participation in horse racing and breeding.

Just recently, one could watch the Royal Ascot 2019 live in China over a TV network that has over 270 million customers. Partnerships with media companies from China expands their audience base to an emerging middle-class market with good purchasing power. Of course, sports betting will be a market that can benefit from this.

Chinese investors are already into bloodstock sales, as well as British racing. And with horse racing being patronized by Britain’s rich and famous, particularly the royals, it adds appeal to the sport. This entices the wealthy to do as the royals do, and getting into horse racing is one of the things that could show a person has good socio-economic standing.