Darren Rovell is leaving ESPN for the Action Network Gambling Website

Darren Rovell is leaving ESPN for the Action Network Gambling WebsiteThe Action Network is at it again by poaching more talent from ESPN!  This time, around Darren Rovell is leaving ESPN for the Action Network Gambling Website. Thus, Rovell is breaking his current contract with ESPN so he can be part of the Action Network.

According to a sports news report by the NY Post, Rovell’s contract is not over until this summer but ESPN chose to let him go.  In addition, sports business reporter Darren Rovell will start with the Action Network as soon a he signs the contract.

Thanks to sports betting being legal in several states including New Jersey, Rovell will focus on sports betting. However, according to PricePerPlayer.com, Rovell will also pay attention to the normal sports business industry.

Furthermore, he will also hold a management position where he will come up with new ideas for the company. Thus, by leaving ESPN he will be able to spend more time to the world of sports gambling.

Expanding in a Legal Sports Betting Environment

The Action Network got its start in 2017 by the Chernin Group and has its headquarter in New York City.  They are a sports and media company through the acquisition of Sports Insight, Fantasy Labs and the SportsAction ap.

In addition, they stole Colin Cowherd, a senior executive at ESPN to be their head of media.  Since then, they have been expanding into becoming a market leader for sports fans.  This includes enhancing their betting and entertainment experience via sports betting news, tools, data and odds.

Only two weeks after the Supreme Court made sports gambling legal, they began a gambling show on ESPN+ known as “I’ll Take That Bet”. On an interesting side note, the planning of the show began a month before the SCOTUS ruling.

As legal sports betting is rapidly expanding, so are the plans for more sports betting shows by the Action Network. This is because most bettors use second-hand information to place their bets and value the opinion of experts.  Thus, it is just a matter of time before more sports gambling shows come to light.

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