Enhance Your Bookie Operation with a PPH Sportsbook Software

Enhance Your Bookie Operation with a Sportsbook Pay Per headBookies nowadays have a difficult job staying afloat because of the competition and several other factors.  These include the cost of the running a profitable sports betting website and the amount of data players have available. Thus, to stay competitive, bookie must be able to keep their customers happy with loads of gambling options.  Therefore, this Bookie Tutorial will show you how to Enhance Your Bookie Operation with a PPH Sportsbook Software.

A bookie by definition is someone who take bets on sporting events.  However, today a modern bookie must be more than that to survive.  They must also offer more then the traditional Money line, point spread and over/under. This is because competitive sportsbooks now offer many other gambling options to draw more customer to them. Some of these options include live betting, online casinos, Live Bet TV, eSports, Live Casinos and many more.

However, all of these gambling options are expensive and are also not immediate profit makers for most bookies. Therefore, it is almost impossible for a normal neighborhood bookie to have of these wagering options.  That is unless they use a Sportsbook Software from a Pay Per Head Provider like the one from PricePerPlay.com!

Enhance Your Bookie Operation with a Sportsbook Pay Per head

First off, enhancing your Bookie Operations if much easier done than most people think. This is thanks to Sportsbook Pay Per Head providers like PricePerPlayer.com.  This is because they offer multiple gambling options for bookies for only $5 per player.  There is no gimmick or hidden fees as it is a one price gets all type of deal.

Once you signup with PricePerPlayer.com you will get the following gambling options and features for your players:

Live Betting – Live in-game betting is a must in today’s fast pace sports betting industry.  First, it allows the bookmaker to double their sports betting options.  Second, it makes the game more exciting for their clients as they get to bet as the game unfolds.

Player Pro Bet Generator – This technology is fairly new among sportsbook and just like its name, it allows bettors to make their own bets.

Racebook – Betting on horses is a must for any legitimate sportsbook.  While horse betting is not for everyone, all sports bettors will at least bet on the major horse racing events

Online Casino – An Online Digital Casino is ideal for fast gambling action and easy profits. PricePerPlayer.com offers a Pay Per Head Casino at no extra cost that is easy to use and manage.

Live Dealer Casino – While this technology has been around for several years, not many bookies can afford it.  However, PricePerPlayer.com gives you one of the best Live Casino with beautiful and interactive dealers for a realistic casino experience. Even though, most sports bettors are not big casino players, it is nice to have the option.  Furthermore, having a live casino will allow you to expand your client base.

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