EU Sports Betting Market Grew in 2018

The European Gaming and Betting Association, or EGBA, has recently released the data on online gambling revenue of its 28 member states for 2018. The combined revenue is €22.2 billion, which is 11% higher than 2017. The EU sports betting market is the dominant revenue stream, with 42.5% revenue shares.

Casino revenues are second at 32.4%, with online lotteries at 12.6%. Poker is at a paltry 5%, and bingo is at 4th place with 4.3%. For those who want to create a sportsbook, the figures in this report can actually help you customize your offerings.

EU Sports Betting Market

EU sports bettingWith sports betting being more popular than ever, in-play betting has been a huge part in the rise of activity. 63% of the action were in-play wagers, so make sure that your sportsbook will offer these options. As for the betting channels used, most of the users in the EU preferred using their desktop computers, with 57% of users. Mobile betting has risen since 2017, so the numbers for these may change as more and more technological advances make sports betting easily available.

As for the EU gambling market, there are a combined total of 16.5 million active players, which is more than 30% from the previous year. Customers on the average would place wagers every 2.5 days. As to who were placing bets, the English top the list at 34.2%, with Germany as second, followed by France and Italy. Sweden ranks fifth at 5.2%.

In total, over 31.6 billion worth of wagers were processed in 2018, with online deposits and withdrawals at 320 million. Looking at gambling in general, online gambling (casino or sports, among others) is up 2.1 points, taking up 23.2% of the total gambling market in the EU. The trend still shows an increase in active players, handle, and revenue. But the changing landscape of online gambling may encourage more mobile betting, which is something a Price Per Player betting software can help with for bookies all over the world.