From Bettor to Bookie

From Bettor to BookieBeing a professional sports bettor can be a profitable enterprise.  However, it does come with many risks because in the end, you are still gambling.  Therefore, many players have made the switch from Bettor to Bookie to make money from sports betting.

The main reason to become a Bookie Agent is because of the risk factor.  Even though they are still financial risks in being a bookie, they are far less then betting on sports. This is because as a bookie, you have far more control over the odds and the variables then a player.

In addition, opening a sportsbook website is no longer a difficult and expensive project.  This is thanks to the Pay Per Head Solution which only costs $5 per player. For this small sum of money, you get a full bookie software, customer and player support and much more. Think being a bookmaker is right for you?  Then keep reading!

Becoming a Bookie with a Pay Per Head Service

Transitioning from Bettor to Bookie is actually very simple.  This is because as a bettor, you already have a lot of resources at your disposal to be a successful bookie.  These include several friends and acquaintances that bet on sports and of course your own personal experience. Thus, the only thing you really need is to find a reliable Pay Per Head Provider like

Opening a Pay Per Head Account to become a bookie with is fast and easy.  All you need to do is answer 2 questions to open your bookie agent account.  As soon as you click on the submit button, you can start creating accounts for your players and manage them.

The best part is that with, you get a full online sportsbook for only $5 per player.  This means that your players will have access to the following gambling options:

  • Sports Betting
  • e-Sports Betting
  • Live in-game Betting
  • Online Casino
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Racebook

Furthermore, you will also get complete control over your players with our sportsbook management tools.  Thus, you can control their limits, gambling options and much more.  This is in addition to having a 24/7 support staff for you and your players by our customer service team.

Of course, we have several different player betting websites your customers can use.  Another option is to have use create a sportsbook website to your own specification.

Once you have your Pay Per Head account, just get your friends and acquaintance to bet on your site.  Thereafter, you just need to manage them properly and just collect money from them.  Furthermore, by using, you get access to our team of bookie advisors to help you become a successful bookie!

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