What is the Future of Offshore Sportsbooks with Sports Betting Legal in the U.S.

What is the Future of Offshore Sportsbooks with Sports Betting Legal in the U.S.Now that several states have made sports betting legal, industry analysts are wondering about the Future of Offshore sportsbooks. This is because some experts thought this would start a downward spiral for the offshore sports betting industry.  However, half a year later, the signs are showing that the offshore sports betting industry is stronger than ever.

The legality of offshore sports betting has often been a grey area amongst sportsbook operators and players.  In addition, the majority of sports bettors were never in fear of prosecution for using an online sportsbook. In fact, even after the enactment of PASPA in 1992, the offshore betting industry kept striving.

Needless to say, the offshore gambling is a strong and resilient industry and does not fear going out of business.  This is because they are a thriving industry with millions of clients in places where gambling is legal and illegal. Online Gambling experts believe that the offshore sports will remain a strong industry for the next 3-5 years.

The Offshore Sports Betting Industry will remain strong in the near future

Even though the United States is a strong gambling market, only a handful of states have made sports betting legal. Several states are on their way to legalize it; however, it will take several years before it is legal in most states.  Thus, for the moment, offshore sportsbook will not lose any significant number of clients if any at all.

In fact, according to bookie software providers, offshore sportsbooks are actually doing better since the legalization of it in the U.S. Several sportsbooks have seen an influx in clients since the Supreme Court decision to repeal PAPSA. This is because now that sport betting is legal, people who were afraid to bet no longer feel that way.

In addition, offshore gambling websites have the search engines monopoly when it comes to ranking first for gambling keywords. Thus, it is easy for customers to believe they are using a legal sportsbook when placing a bet.

Since the gambling industry is constantly changing, it is difficult to predict with certainty the future of offshore sports betting.  However, the offshore sportsbook owners are confident that they will be around for a very long time.

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