Gambling Ads are on the Rise in the U.S.

Gambling Ads are on the Rise in the U.S.As legal sports wagering becomes more available across the U.S. gambling market, more sportsbooks are fighting for customers. In order to do that, they must spend an increasing amount of money towards advertising their products. Needless to say, today Gambling Ads are on the Rise in the U.S. with no sign of decreasing.

Anyone living in a state where sports betting is legal must have heard or seen an ad for gambling. Sportsbooks in these states are going full-throttle with ads offering free-money when they open a sport wagering account with them. According to online sportsbook advertising companies, these ads are being seeing on multiple platforms for a stronger impact. Viewers can see these gambling ads prominently in the radio, TV, billboards and even on pitcher’s mounds.

Furthermore, they are using celebrity endorsements in their commercial to draw an even bigger crowd. Gambling Software companies believe it could turn into a war of attrition for sportsbooks as they spend more advertising money. In fact, Caesars Entertainment, DraftKings, and FanDuel each spent over $15 million in advertising in the last couple of months

Gambling Ads are on the Rise in the U.S. is a Concern for Regulators

One of the reasons for sportsbooks spending so much on advertising is because of brand recognition. This is because running a profitable sportsbook is difficult work because of the low profit margin per bet. Therefore, it is imperative for them to have a quantity over quality mentality when it comes to attracting clients.

Gambling regulators in the U.S. are closely monitoring this phenomenon unfolding. However, this is nothing new in other countries. Most had to create advertising regulations to protect minors and, in some cases, even ban gambling ads. According to lawmakers and regulators, they said that they would intervene if gambling operators take it too far.

In response, some sports leagues are being proactive about their sports betting concerns. For example, last week the NFL made a responsible Gambling Campaign to help curb gambling problems. In general, bookmakers understand their positions and mention “responsible gambling messages” in their ads. However, this may not be enough to appease the opposition.

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