Gaming or Gambling, which term to Use for Your Bookie Business

is Gaming the right word to use for gamblingIn recent years, Bookies and sports betting platforms have been trying to stay away from using the word “gambling”. Instead, they have been using the word “Gaming” on their website. This is because the term gambling is usually seen in a negative light. Today, we define and explain whether Gaming or Gambling is the proper term to use.

Definitions are important because they enable people to have a common understand of a word or subject. In fact, not knowing the proper definition of a word often leads to disagreements and lawsuits. Thus, it is time to set the record straight with the proper definition of gaming.

Definition of Gaming – Gaming has several definitions depending on who you ask.  This is because it can refer to playing video games and someone into gaming is known as a gamer. However, it is not the only definition of the word. Today, Gaming is also seen as the act of practice of gambling.  Furthermore, different sources define gaming as playing a game of skill that may or may not involve money or prizes.

Definition of Gambling – Gambling is playing a game of chance that involves risking money or stake with the intent of winning something back. It is also known as betting or wagering.

So why are Gambling Software Companies and platform using the word Gaming instead of Gambling?

Gaming or Gambling – Are both terms Interchangeable Today?

The word gaming and the word gambling are somewhat similar in the gambling industry. However, the main difference is that Gambling companies are trying to make the term “Gaming” favorable over “Gambling”. Therefore, when they use the word “Gaming” it means that they offer “legal” gambling activities to the public.

In today’s society, perception is everything. Therefore, it is only normal that gambling providers and operators want to be seen in a better light. The question is whether their attempt to interchange gaming for gambling will be successful. However, it is certainly not the first time in history that a definition of a word will change.

For example, the definition of “Gay” originally meant “Carefree, Cheerful, bright or showy. Today, the definition of the word primarily refers to a homosexual person.

The main issue for each definition of the word “gaming” is its popularity in the video game sector. This is because the gaming market is much bigger than the gambling market. The gaming market was worth $162.3 billion in 2020 while the Gambling market was worth $66.7 billion in 2020. Thus, gamers have the advantage and they do not want the term gaming be stolen by the gambling market.

In addition, the increase in popularity of eSports Gambling is also a game changer.  This is because it involves the use of both gambling and gaming. Therefore, this new development adds even more confusion to the use of the word, gaming. Only time will tell which use of the word gaming will become mainstream in the future.

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