Growth of the Pay Per Head Industry: Online Gambling in Netherlands

When talking about online gambling, those who are not in the industry would assume that there is no relevance to them. After all, those who bet big, and the operators are the only ones who profit anyway. But over the last few years, Pay Per Head providers are slowly breaking through this mindset. As online gambling has been growing, a new market is emerging – players who are out to win money through online gambling. This means, owning a sportsbook becomes a very profitable venture. It does not cost a lot to do so too.

The growth of the industry is quite easy to see – judging from US states that are slowly legalizing sports betting. There are also even more countries who are not only opening their doors to gambling, but are developing key areas for gambling. But one of the best ways to see the success, is to see how the numbers grow over the years.

Online Gambling in Netherlands

In the Netherlands, online gambling has grown by 20% in the past couple of years. There is an estimate of Dutch citizens, 1.86 million in particular, who participate in online gambling in 2018 alone. The catch? Citizens do not have the legal means to gamble.

Still, the number for 2018 shows an increase of the number of people who are into online gambling by 300,000 back in 2016. According to the independent company that conducted the studies, Motivaction, they estimate the online market is worth around 592 million Euros in 2018. Since these are all from offshore providers, the government gets no cut in the form of taxes or licensing fees.

Pay Per Head Market

As to the most popular types of gambling, bingo and sports betting are tied at first. And looking at the numbers, bingo and casino wagers have increased by as much as 14.3% for casino, and 9.% for bingo. Online sports betting is at 9%. The market may undergo some changes, but its mostly regulation. The number of players are increasing still, and the pie is big enough for any upcoming online bookie to share.




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