Handle and Revenue for Sports Betting in Nevada Increases in March

In the latest sports betting news, the handle and revenue for sports betting in Nevada improves in March. February was a hard month for sportsbooks across the country, seeing less handle than previous months. However, a lot of bookies still saw an increase in revenue in that month, so the bottom line remains in the green. But for March, both the betting handle and revenue increased for sportsbooks in Nevada.

According to the report from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the online sports betting handle for the month is at $829.8 million. This is 25.8% higher than February’s $659.4 million. March Madness helped sportsbooks earn a lot, but not enough to top the Super Bowl action and the $936.5 million handle back in January.

Sports Betting in Nevada: College and Professional Sports

Handle and Revenue for Sports Betting in Nevada Increases in MarchBasketball is one sport that those who want to become an online bookie should keep track of. It is the second most bet on sport in the country. The NCAA basketball tournament and March Madness drove up betting in the state. Bookies also earned well from basketball betting with a win percentage of 6.8%. Hockey also generated a lot of wagers, and profits for bookies with a 7.9% hold.

In addition, the MLB season also started in March, and the World Baseball Classic was also popular. In fact, online sports betting took in 64% of all wagers made. Back in February, it was at 61%. This puts in online sports betting in Nevada at $531.7 million. If you want to be a part of this and earn from sports betting, you can choose from this list of the top sportsbook pay per head providers. Create a sportsbook in minutes, and start earning from basketball, and all of the other popular sports events everywhere.


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