How to be a Successful Bookie – Player Acquisition

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How to be a Successful Bookie – Player AcquisitionIn our last tutorial on how to become a successful bookie, we went over the cost factor of running a sportsbook.  In the second part of our series, we will go over How to be a Successful Bookie via player acquisition. This is because in order to grow a successful bookie operation, acquiring new players is a must.

Every business owner knows that in order to grow and be successful, you need clients. Even if you offer the best products in the industry, it won’t mean anything if you have no players.  This is because for a bookie, its players are its lifeblood.  The more players a bookie has the more money the operation will make from the commission. In addition, the more players you have the more you can cushion the blow when your players win their bets.

There are tons of marketing tactics out there to help you acquire more clients.  However, not all of them work very well and some of them can be very expensive and not cost efficient. Using a Bookie Pay Per Head Service will help because you can spend more time marketing and less time micro-managing. Thus, in the bookie entrepreneurial spirit, we bring you the top method for acquiring the right type of players!

Player Acquisition 101

Acquiring the right type of players

The first thing to know is that you want the right type of players. Ideally, you would only have losers and recreational bettors.  Unfortunately, this is not reality and you will end up with sharp bettors that could put you in the red.  Thus, when you acquire players be wary of the following:

  • Giving Out Bonuses – Bookies that give out large bonuses are seen as desperate and will usually go under after just one football season. Large and successful bookmakers never give out large bonuses.  This is because big bonuses attract people looking to take advantage of your generosity.  Furthermore, it attracts sharp bettors that will break the bank.  In addition, even if only 20% of the people are able to cash out their bonuses, it can still become a large amount of money.  Thus, keep your bonuses small and make sure you protect yourself by having limits on them
  • Where you Advertise your Sportsbook – Advertising your sportsbook on popular websites can bring you a lot of players but are they the right ones? Advertising your bookie business on an odds page is great. However, advertising your book on a site or forum that only talks about bonuses is probably not a good idea.

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Social Media

bookie Player Acquisition Social Media is more less word of mouth advertising. The reason why it is such a powerful tool is because if done right, social media becomes referrals from actual players.  The trick is to have it come from actual people and not from just a social media page that advertises your sportsbook.

Thus, you want to engage with your players on social media sites from posting consistently to communicating with them. Each time you engage them, give them an engaging link back to your site like to the current odds for a specific game. Therefore, if it is done correctly, then your conversation will be seen by their friends.

Of course, it is important to get people to like your social media pages and share your posts.  Thus, it helps to encourage them by creating incentives to like your social media pages by creating contests and bonuses.

Traditional Marketing Methods

There is of course the traditional method of advertising in order to get more players.  However, just keep in mind that buying advertisement can be very expensive.  In addition, traditional marketing methods are often a hit or miss deal. Sometimes they work great and other times you barely get any results.

In our next series on how to be a successful bookie where we will go over how to retain players. So keep checking back with us or register for our Bookie Pay Per Head Newsletter.

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