How to Be an NBA Bookie

The 2019-2020 NBA regular season will start in less than a week. Given how popular the NBA is across the world, there are a lot of fans and gamblers who would want to place bets on the NBA. Each team plays 81 games in the regular season alone, which totals to 1,230 for the regular season. This provides the NBA bookie with a great opportunity to earn a lot of money in a single season. While the sheer number of games may feel intimidating, it is actually very manageable. So, to make things easier for everyone, we chose to make this how to be an NBA Bookie guide.

How to Be an NBA Bookie

The first step you need to do is to find a good sports betting software. One of the important tools that people use to become a legal bookie is to have secure software that will help you streamline your sportsbook operation.

In essence, your pay per head service will help you with data management. It will have all the tools you will need for line and player management, among others. If you get a really good pay per hed service, you can also generate reports that will tell you where you need to improve to generate more profit.

Becoming an NBA Bookie

How to Be an NBA BookieSo once you have sorted out your online bookie software, you will need to set your lines. This is something that you will continuously do as any NBA news, or game data comes up. Maintaining a good set of odds will ensure a greater opportunity for profit, and keep your lines attractive for your players to bet on. Keep an eye out for changes in the rankings, as well as any changes in the coaching staff or player lineup. Player injuries, especially from star players, can affect the outcome of a game drastically, so your odds should change as well.

The third step you need is to find players to bet in your sportsbook. A great and easy way to start is to invite friends and family members to place bets on your sportsbook. Once you are comfortable, you can start expanding your sportsbook by asking your current players to refer people to your sportsbook, or you can also advertise online as you wish. You can easily reward your players with free wagers, or credit bonuses. To help get you started, you can simply create an account here at We have a two week free trial for you to start with, and we won’t ask for any upfront deposits. Get your NBA sportsbook today!