How to Become an Independent Sportsbook Operator

How to Become an Independent Sportsbook OperatorNo matter what you dedicate yourself to, financial independence is the American dream that everyone strives to achieve. We at want to help you achieve that goal. This is why we provide a variety of tools and service with just that in mind. Therefore, today we show you How to Become an Independent Sportsbook Operator tutorial.

First off, what is financial independence?  The basic definition is the ability to live the life you want without having to worry about money. For some, it means not having to worry about your net mortgage payment or next month’s rent. For other, it means being able to buy whatever you want whenever you want.

This is where sportsbook owners are different from the rest of the crowd.  This is because for bookies, it means being able to make money while doing something that they love.  Therefore, they all want to make money from taking sports wagers. Unfortunately, becoming an independent sportsbook owner is not an easy task unless you have the right support.

This is where a Sportsbook Pay Per Head comes into play…

How to Easily Become an Independent Sportsbook Operator

Sportsbook Software, Infrastructure and Maintenance Cost Solution

By now, you must have already done some research and seen that a sportsbook software is not cheap.  A good sports betting platform will easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, while there are cheaper options like a white label sportsbook solution, it is still expensive.

Furthermore, there is also the cost of the sportsbook infrastructure and monthly maintenance cost. By infrastructure we mean an office along with a staff of professional handicappers and support personnel. On average, it will easily cost over $10,000 per month and it is not easy to find and train the right people. Therefore, it is not cheap to open an Online Sportsbook.

The solution is of course to use a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider like  This is because it provides you with the Sports Betting Software, a reliable infrastructure for only $5 per player. Therefore, by using their services, you can say goodbye to maintenance cost and upgrades!

The Right Tools for the Job

The Right Tools for the JobEvery Bookie has different goals and ways to manage their players but they still need the right tools to succeed.  This is because to be successful, they must be able to manage their players and their online sportsbook. Therefore, they need a sportsbook platform that will allow them to completely control their clients’ gambling options.

For example, a good bookie knows that limits are important with a small bankroll. Thus, they need a bookie platform that will allow them to limit a player’s wagering limits.

Player and sportsbook reports are also an essential tool to open a sportsbook. This is because, these reports give bookies the necessary information to make the right decision.

Can a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Really Help?

Yes, a Sportsbook Pay Per Head can definitively help achieve your goal to become an independent sportsbook owner. This is because they not only provide the right sportsbook platform and support, but also chare you a straight fee.

There are no hidden fees or commission which means you know exactly how much you need for your budget. Therefore, you can easily maximize your profits and become financially independent!

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