Illinois Sportsbooks Breaks State Sports Betting Record in September

Last updated on December 6th, 2023 at 04:45 pm

In the latest sports betting news, we are sharing with you the details of the latest report from the Illinois Gaming Board for the month of September. Late as it is compared with other states, their betting market is far from falling behind. In fact, for the month of September, only two other states had a better monthly handle. And in that month, Illinois sportsbooks broke their previous record in sports betting with a handle of $1.08 billion. The highest the state has ever seen was $1.08 billion back in March 2023.

The huge jump in sports betting activity in September is very common in the US, and a lot of our bookies using our per head sportsbook service also show a similar trend. You have the NFL, college football, and baseball games that will keep bettors busy throughout the month. September also usually means the start of a very busy sports calendar in the US. Naturally, it also means a busy season for bookies as well.

Illinois Sportsbooks See the Best Performance in Betting

Illinois Sportsbooks Breaks State Sports Betting Record in SeptemberThe monthly handle for September now brings sportsbooks up to nearly $8 billion in bets for 2023. This is quite a feat that other states would want to replicate. In fact, a lot of people are now looking at learning how to build a professional sportsbook, inspired by the performance of betting markets like Illinois.

Just how profitable sports betting can be for bookie, you may ask? For Illinois, sportsbooks have $86.2 million in gross revenue for September. This is a whopping 84% increase from August. It is also 10% higher than the revenue earned by sportsbooks in September 2022. So not only are sportsbooks earning millions, but their year-on-year numbers suggest an ever-growing industry as well.

Remember that online sports betting gives both bookies and players the convenience of sports betting from wherever they are, at whatever device you use. As a bookie, the market is huge enough that even with a lot of competition, you can still earn a decent amount of profit. In Illinois, for example, out of the $1.08 billion handle, $1.03 billion of wagers come from online sportsbooks, with retail betting only generating $34 million in bets.


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