In-Game Wagers for NBA in DC is Now Allowed

Last updated on January 8th, 2019 at 01:28 am

Legislators in the District of Columbia have passed a bill on sports betting right before Christmas, last 2018. Sports betting in the state may take a while before it goes active. But NBC is already ahead with some features. This may not be as comprehensive as what you can find with a good sportsbook pay per head, though.

This is the first of its kind with the NBA and NBC Sports, where they will include in-play betting in Washington Wizards games. There will be an alternate broadcast starting Thursday in the game between the Wizards and the Bucks.

In-Game Wagers and More

This feature will air in the NC Sports Washington Plus channel. The telecast will be exactly the same as your regular game- same announcers, ads, etc. The only difference will be the additional graphics on screen that will show stats, odds, and spreads. The data will get updates as the game moves along.

This feature will happen for 8 games over this season. The NBC website will also have a free-to-play contest where viewers can play over 30 questions.They will be about team, league, and game topics to win a cash prize. This “predict the game” contest is a way for NBC to find ways to make the games more interesting to casual bettors.

This is only the beginning, as NBC has acquired some betting-related domains. As for locals of Washington DC, sports betting, especially online, will come soon. But the local options may not be something they will like. As there are plans for a draft bill for digital wagering. This draft proposes a monopoly on digital betting, and will be run by Intralot, the DC tech supplier. The discussions for this proposed bill will be discussed at the DC council meeting on Tuesday. Any developments will happen in the next few months for sports betting in Washington DC.

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