Indiana Sports Betting Handle Hits $246 Million for June

In the latest news on the Indiana sports betting market, we now have the latest numbers on the state’s betting handle for the month of June. The total sports betting handle for Indiana for June is at $246 million. While it is indicative of a healthy betting market, the number is slightly lower than its previous month. In May, the total sports betting handle was $254.4 million, showing a 3.2% dip in handle.

But handle is not the only basis for a betting market’s success. If you look at features that will give you a bookie software advantage, you will see that while handle can go down, your revenue won’t necessarily follow. Which is exactly the case, as the Indiana sports betting market actually has an increase in revenue for June. Back in May, the total taxable AGR is $18.9 million, which goes up by 35.1% for June at $25.5 million.

Indiana Sports Betting: What the Market is Telling Us

Indiana Sports Betting Handle Hits $246 Million for JuneIndiana is not the only state that shows a decrease in handle. However, the increase in revenue is quite uncommon. After all, a decrease in handle could simply be due to having less betting events the market has available. The state offers both online and retail sports betting, where 91% of wagers are through online sports betting software.

July brings in a lot of sports events that will help sportsbooks generate a lot of activity, and carry it over to August and September, when football season officially begins. We have the NBA finals, European soccer championships, the MLB, and other sports seasons ongoing. In addition, the Tokyo Olympics will also be starting towards the end of the month. If anything, the number of betting options that will increase in the next month could finally tip the trend to increase in terms of the Indiana sports abetting handle from June to July.


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