Indiana Sportsbook Industry Sets Record in December

Indiana Sportsbook Industry Sets Record in DecemberThe Indiana Sportsbook Industry has a good reason to celebrate. For the first time, Indiana’s sports betting handle hit the $300 million mark, a good number to end the year with. To be specific, the state has a $313.1 million handle. This is 62% higher than November’s $251.4 million. If we compare it to December 2019, December 2020’s handle is 112.6% higher than the previous year’s $147.3 million.

Of course, using gambling software, specifically online sportsbooks, is a key factor in getting a high handle, even during a pandemic. The total mobile sports betting handle for the state is $269.2 million. This is 26% higher than November’s $213.7 million, and 179.8% million higher than December 2019’s $96.2 million. Of course, mobile sports betting dominates the market, taking in 86% of the total wagers for the month.

Indiana Sportsbook Industry

The adjusted gross revenue for sports betting in Indiana for December is $24.3 million. It is a bit lower than November 2019’s $25.3 million. But, the state’s numbers for the month is 161.4% higher than the same month of the previous year’s $9.3 million. Football is the most popular sport, with a handle of $101.8 million. This includes both college football and the NFL. Basketball also did well, with a $89.7 million handle.

But the monthly handle is not the only record that Indiana sets in 2020. The state has a total of $1.8 billion in handle for 2020. This makes them one of the few states in the US to reach the billion-dollar handle. As a state that is continuing to develop its gambling market, they are a good indicator that the gambling industry is healthy. In fact, its easy for those who are learning how to be a successful bookie, thanks to the popularity of online sports betting across the country.


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