Iowa Sports Betting Market Sets New Handle and Revenue Record

Iowa Sports Betting Market Sets New Handle and Revenue RecordThe Iowa sports betting market sets a new handle and revenue record for the month of November. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has released the data on sports betting in the state for the previous month. The total monthly betting handle for the state is at $287.2 million. This is 2.2% higher than October’s $280.9 million. The October handle was the previous record of Iowa for the highest monthly handle.

Meanwhile, the handle for November is 229.4% higher than The $87.2 million handle of November 2020. The huge growth in sports betting as the economy is recovering from the pandemic can inspire a lot of people to become a part-time bookie. And it can pay off, as seen with Iowa sports betting revenue numbers.

Iowa Sports Betting Market Numbers: Revenue Growth

The state records $19.7 million in revenue, which is a new record for the state as well. The previous record was back in March at $13.5 million. And if we look at the year-on-year data, we are seeing a 143.2% growth from November 2020’s $8.1 million. Iowa is one of the fastest growing sports betting markets in the country, and has continued to show continuous growth through this year. Many experts in the industry are looking at even higher numbers in the months to come, as we have not yet reached the peak of football and basketball season. These two are the top sports that people bet on, especially in the US.

Out of the $287.2 million, $260.4 million comes from online sportsbooks, with $26.9 million coming in from retail sports betting. For those who also want to join the ranks of the tops sportsbooks taking in wagers from across the country, a highly reputable bookie software solution will help you easily start and run a successful sportsbook.


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