Lawmakers Finally Agree on Massachusetts Sports Betting Bill

Many in the gambling industry continuously monitor news on gambling and sports wagering legislation across the world. The US is a particular favorite to keep track of. Mainly because of the complexities of legalizing sports betting in the country. And, of course, because the rapid legalization of sports betting across the country is helping it become one of the fastest-growing betting markets in the world today.  The latest of which is the successful effort from lawmakers as they finally pass their Massachusetts sports betting bill.

If you keep up on the news as much as you check your Pre Game Lines Platform, then you already know by now how complicated the sports betting bill in Massachusetts is. There are two bills from both chambers of the legislative body. Both bills have different terms, and both chambers needed to pass a compromise bill if they want to legalize sports betting in Massachusetts this year.

Massachusetts Lawmakers Pass Sports Betting Bill

Massachusetts Lawmakers Finally Agree on Sports Betting BillMany worried that the Senate and Congress will not be able to meet the deadline. But both chambers finally passed H.5164. This bill will now go to the office of Governor Charlie Baker, who supports legalizing sports betting in the state. Many who are learning how to be a successful bookie are looking forward to this. This is because the bill allows for a number of sports betting operators to gain licenses to offer sports wagering in the state.

With online sports betting, the state can stand to earn millions from sports betting tax revenues, licensing fees, and the like. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission, meanwhile, is ready to act on forming regulations and licensing. They can start as soon as the Governor gives the go signal. Currently, there is no timetable mentioned. It would be too optimistic to wish for sportsbooks there to go live by the start on the NFL season, but many are hopeful that they could at least be operational before the Super Bowl next year.


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