Looking back at the 2020 Sportsbook Pay Per Head Industry

Looking back at the 2020 Sportsbook Pay Per Head IndustryNeedless to say, 2020 has been a rollercoaster for many companies and businesses all over the world. There are many reasons for this as the world was and is still in a difficult position. Of course, this includes the COVID-19 virus that temporarily brought the gambling industry to almost a halt. However, it was not too bad for PricePerPlayer.com. Even though we did not reach our goals for the year, we are happy that everyone is healthy and doing well. Thus, let’s take a look at our year by Looking back at the 2020 Sportsbook Pay Per Head Industry.

We began the year on a high note because 2019 brought us record numbers of new clients. In addition, our retention rate was thru the roof and had several major expansions and additions to our services. Our main addition to our sportsbook software for 2020 was the Prop Bet builder. This is because it is a software that allows bettors the ability to make their own prop bets. Needless to say, it was quite a hit amongst Bookie agents and players.

However, it was not the only addition to our improvements and tweaks to our Sportsbook Pay Per Head Services. Many of these changes took place behind the scene such as new acquisitions and small improvements to our PPH platform. Therefore, we were ready to remain a top PPH company and possible the best in the world!

Coronavirus hits the 2020 Sportsbook Pay Per Head Industry

Our goals for 2020 was to gain a 30% acquisition increase in new customers and a double our revenue.  We were well on our way to achieve these goals as the January and February of 2020 were record breaking months.  This is because we had respectively a 44% increase and a 37% increase in new clients over the previous year. Furthermore, we added more people to our team ranging from programmers and graphic designers to marketing and customer service professionals.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 took the world by storm and in March, everything went downhill. This is because Sporting events were put on hold and gambling venues were temporarily shut-down. It was during the Month of March, that we began to see changes in our numbers. Even though the change was not drastic with an 8% decrease in sales, it was still concerning to us. This is because we were expecting improvements. However, the number of players by our agents did not decrease which was encouraging.

As to the competition, the good ones more or less were in the same situation as us. This is because they chose to expand their businesses and focus on quality.  Unfortunately, not everyone had the same mindset which led to some competitors losing their business or being bought by others.

What Doesn’t Kill you makes you Stronger!

What Doesn’t Kill you makes you Stronger!However, things went from bad to worst as more leagues where shut-down and government measures became more drastic. As the months went by, we saw the sports betting and gambling industry go in the red. Of course, it was both a good time and bad time for us.  Good because we saw that offering the best Pay Per Head at a competitive price was the key to success. Thus, we saw many new clients switching to our company as they saw affordable quality with us.

However, despite having a large cash reserve, we did worry if the sports shut-down was for a year or more. But we made it and are as strong as ever. While we did not reach our goals for 2020, our client acquisition only went down by 1% in comparison to last year. Furthermore, while our revenues did take a hit, we still made a profit while still giving excellent service and even improving our platform and services.

Therefore, 2020 was not ideal, but we still had a good year.  Everyone in the PricePerPlayer.com family is healthy and financially secure and that is all we really want in the end.

Looking Forward to 2021

As we say goodbye to 2020, the staff at PricePerPlayer.com wishes our clients, friends and family a happy new year! We have a plan to make 2021 even more prosperous for our clients and our team. Therefore, we hope you will all be along with us for the ride!

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