Massachusetts Says No to Sports Betting Software in State for Near Future

One of the most important things to consider in Sports Betting or becoming a bookie, is your player market. While most bookies start out with a small operation, a lot of bookies eventually expand to a bigger market through sports betting software. And expanding your player base is one way to increase your profit margin.

But what happens when efforts to allow for a gaming market stops? This is the case in Massachusetts, where their lawmakers  are stopping any gambling legislation. Of course, this is no permanent ban, just a postponement.

Sports Betting Software and Laws in Massachusetts

The announcement of the holding off on sports betting in the state comes from the state’s budget. Supposedly, the income that the state can generate from gambling will be added, but due to legislation, this may not happen. Governor Charlie Baker has initially reported that the state can generate as much as $35 million from sports betting alone. He has included this as a line item in their budget.

However, the House Democrats want to stop any and all talks of sports betting and gambling. This is while the budget is still under discussion. This means, that any bills relating to sports betting or gambling will not be discussed. It also means that the budget cannot, as of yet, rely on any revenues to collect from sports betting.

And they feel no pressure about this as well, especially since neighboring states don’t have sports betting legalized as of yet. Currently, residents will have to travel physically to other states that offer sports betting. This will be quite the trip for those, but there is online sports betting to consider. Wagers on sports betting made online to national or international sportsbooks are earning a lot, and have more wagering options as well. With sports betting done online, there are no borders to hinder one from placing their favorite wagers.

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