Michigan’s Sportsbooks and Casinos are Resuming Operations

Michigan’s sportsbooks and casinos are getting ready to resume operations after being shut down in the middle of March due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is home to numerous tribal casinos. Some of these establishments are already open, while some are getting ready to reopen.

In addition, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) is also starting to accept applications for online gambling providers. Experts see Michigan as possibly one of the biggest gambling markets in the US. Especially for those who want to start an online gambling business. It is entirely possible for us to see Michigan to reach the same level of success that New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania have.

Michigan’s Sportsbooks and Casinos: Retail and Online Options

Michigan’s Sportsbooks and CasinosThe state has three casinos in Detroit that also allows in-person sports betting. Unfortunately, the relatively young sports betting industry had to take a pause due to the shutdown. The state is, however, looking forward to seeing mobile sports wagering by early next year. Optimistically, they want to see it happen sooner than next year.

The licensing process is already ongoing. Those who apply can get provisional licenses for now. The MGCB is currently in the process of drafting the rules for online gambling and sports betting. The variety of options that PayPerHead sportsbooks and online casinos could prove an attractive offer for people to start considering wagering through online and mobile platforms. And if Michigan’s sports betting policies will be as inviting and open as New Jersey’s, then the possibility for a successful online wagering industry can happen in the state.

When Will We See Gambling Reopening in Michigan?

Retail casinos are reopening as Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an Executive Order that loosens restrictions in certain areas in the state. Local casinos are announcing new guidelines to maintain everyone’s safety while visiting casinos. Right now, the MGCB is hard at work at finalizing the rules for online gambling providers. Their current timeline sees online wagering happening by early 2021. But if they can speed up the process of forming the guidelines, reviewing and accepting license applications, then we might see mobile sportsbooks up and running sooner. Everyone is optimistic that by then, all of the major sports leagues will have resumed their respective seasons.

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