Mind-blowing Sports Betting Facts and Figures

Sports Betting Facts and Figures Every Bookie Should KnowThe sports betting industry is blowing up everywhere around the world without showing any sign of slowing down. This is because it is a fun pastime that over 1.6 billion people enjoy on a regular basis. Odds are, that you yourself have made a bet on sport at one time or another. However, how well do you know the sports betting industry? Here are some interesting Mind-blowing Sports Betting Facts and Figures that every bettor should know!

In North America along, almost 50% of American Adults have made a bet on sports in their lifetime. Furthermore, 30% of American make a bet at least once a month and 15% on a weekly basis. Needless to say, if you do not bet on sport, you probably know someone that enjoys this hobby.

In fact, over 4 billion people bet on sports at least once a year. The current adult population (20 or over) is around 5.1 billion people. This means that 78% of adults have made a bet on sport this year. With this in mind, it is not a surprise that new sportsbooks keep popping up every year.

Sports Betting Facts and Figures Every Bookie Should Know

The Global Gross Gambling yield is over $400 billion – For those who do not know, the gross yield is the money a sportsbook makes minus the payouts of winners.  Needless to say, now is a good time to become a bookie!

Asia makes up 33% of all sports bets made in the world – Of course, that is not surprising considering the number of people that live there.

In eSport, counter-Strike is the most popular game to bet on – 53% of all eSports bet were made on the outcome of a Counter-Strike game. Afterwards, Dota accounts for 35% of all eSports Bet and league of Legend Accounts for 7% of all eSports wagers.

The most challenging sport to bet on is baseball – The is because baseball is unpredictable by nature. Furthermore, it’s hard to figure out because of the 162-game season, player streaks, and the teams they play for.

The highest long term win rate for a sports bettor is 55% – For professional sports bettors, their win rate is between 53% and 54%. While it may seem that those numbers would get up to 60%, but that is not what happens over the long term.

Hockey Fans Love to Bet on Sports – This is because 62% of all NHL fans like to bey on sport. In comparison, 59 of basketball fans wager on sports only 48% of NFL fans bet on sport.

Operating a Sportsbook with a Bookie Pay Per Head is cost-efficient – This is because sportsbook owners do not have to worry about buying the gambling software, infrastructure of employees. Instead, bookies that use a sportsbook pay per head only have to pay $5 or less per player. This weekly fee gets them everything they need to run a sportsbook.

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