Mobile Sports Betting Pushes Through in New York Soon

New York has always been looking for expanding the gambling industry, although it has not had much luck in doing so. Governor Andrew Cuomo is still not wanting to allow any expansion to happen though. Currently, there are four casinos that have a license to operate in upstate New York. This is possible through the citizens voting to allow for this back in 2013.

A problem, is that the casinos that are operating now, are not doing too well. Cuomo has concerns that opening up the market to more operators could affect the competitiveness of the current casinos. Limitations like these actually allow for sportsbook pay per head for agents to flourish even more, since those who want to be bookies get to offer their services to a larger market internationally.

Sports Betting in New York

Sports betting software providers will have it easier, though. It is possible that sports betting may actually happen soon in the state. Initially, there were concerns that the law cannot allow mobile sports betting since they will need a constitutional amendment to do so. This means putting the motion through a public vote. But more research is showing that this may not be the case.

Law firms local to New York have been citing reports where sports events wagering does fall under casino gambling. That is, it is defined under casino gambling in the amendment’s authorization on gambling. They refer to the 2013 amendment of Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution of New York.

While this not have an immediate effect on sports betting activity in New York, this bodes well for the industry. This means, that to allow sports betting in New York, lawmakers will not have to jump through more hoops. It also means, that the possibility of seeing a sports betting app on a New Yorker’s phone may be possible sooner than expected.

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