Need for Modern Gambling Call Centers on the Rise

Need for Modern Gambling Call Centers on the RiseIn the past year, the gambling and sports betting industry has undergone a drastic transformation in the United States. This is because sport betting is becoming legal in more states and traditional gambling is making ways for online gambling. Thus, the Need for Modern Gambling Call Centers is on the Rise in the United States.

Needless to say, the gambling industry is no longer what it was 15-20 years ago around the world. Today, gambling companies are looking for Modern Gambling Call Centers to provide better customer service for its clients. This is because most call centers do not have the knowledge or the capabilities to help and support online gambling.

Most offshore casinos, sportsbooks and gambling operations have their own call center but this does not apply to the U.S.  This is because online gambling is new to the U.S. since they are just now beginning to legalize online wagering.

Challenges Companies Face in establishing a Gambling Call Center

The main problem that faces current call center outsourcing companies is that they do not know anything about gambling.  This is because they do not have the experience or training to serve as a gambling call center. Thus, Gambling Companies need a different type of Customer Service Call Center.

First, U.S. gambling companies need clerks that understand every aspect of gambling from sports betting to poker and casino games.  This is because how can they help a customer if they do not understand what they need or want.

Challenges Companies Face in establishing a Gambling Call CenterFor example, if a bettor is arguing about losing a bet, the clerk has to understand why the customer lost.  If the clerk is not able to explain why in a courteous and professional manner, they may lose that customer. Thus, knowing the rules and the math behind sports wagers and casino games is essential.

Furthermore, training gambling clerks is a long, intensive and costly process.  A casino clerk needs to go through a three month course and will cost several thousand dollars.  In addition, the situation to train sports wagering clerk is similar to casino training in terms of time and cost.

Most offshore sportsbooks will have their own training sessions but in most cases, clerks do not get paid during the training session.  Also, in some cases, they clerk must work a certain number of years to pay for the training.

The next problem facing gambling call center outsourcing is the gambling software.  This is because they are several different types of gambling software on the market.  Thus, every need client will mean that their clerks will have to train in the new type of gambling platform.

It is possible to train gambling clerks to use most gambling platforms, if the call center chooses to buy them.  However, it can be quite costly as some of these betting and casino software can cost up to $1 million!

The Gambling Call Center Outsourcing Solution

Outsourcing a gambling call center is a popular and cost efficient method used by many gambling companies. is the best choice for any company looking to outsource their gambling call center. This is because their clerks are already familiar with all aspects of customer service for the gambling industry.

In addition, already has the infrastructure in place with hundreds of experienced gambling clerks.  The best part is that they are already training in most gambling, casino and sports betting platforms!

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