Nevada Gambling Industry Discusses eSports Betting Regulation

When it comes to gambling and sports betting, eSports is one of the more popular topics in recent years. Esports has always been gaining popularity. But when the pandemic shut down the sports industry, eSports remained active, and thus the limelight was thrust in the industry. Today, eSports is one of the fastest-growing betting options you can find in gambling software solutions. And the Nevada gambling industry wants to capitalize on this.

In fact, way back in 2020, Nevada lawmakers requested a more streamlined and standardized eSports betting market. The Nevada Gaming Control Board is working on it, and an eSports Technical Advisory Committee will now deliberate and formulate their recommendations on eSports betting this coming August.


Nevada Gambling Industry Gets Ready to Promote eSports Betting

Nevada Gambling Industry Discusses eSports Betting RegulationThe advisory committee has, as early as now, began its deliberations. They are consulting with many data suppliers, such as odds providers, to get to know eSports betting. These companies now have the platform to discuss the latest innovations in technology that will develop eSports betting. Those who want to be an online bookie have a lot to look forward to in this aspect.

Of course, the committee, with all the information they are gathering, will be able to create informed recommendations that will help eliminate integrity issues on eSports betting. One of those concerns is the legality of eSports betting, and if current regulations will cover the sport.

Currently, many experts believe that Regulation 22, which focuses on sportsbooks and controls sports betting operations, will suffice. This regulation also talks about record-keeping, parlays, as well as the various types of bets sportsbooks can offer. Currently, operators need to apply for a special permit to take in eSports bets, although as long as eSports is under the sports category, then it will have no problems with the terms of Regulation 22. But the discussion does necessitate clarification, which the committee and the Nevada Gaming Board wishes to do.


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