Nevada Remains King of Sports Betting in the US

In the excitement over sports betting outlets popping up in multiple states across the US, most forget about Nevada, the state that has offered sports betting since 1949. So while experts have been praising the growth of local betting markets in states like New Jersey, or Philadelphia, Nevada has been quietly amassing a large handle over the past two months. As always, Nevada remains king of sports betting, and here’s why.

When learning how to become a legal bookie, we all tend think of Nevada, with its flashy casinos and well-dressed bookies. It is, after all, the gambling capital of the US. Sports betting has always been a huge part of the gambling market there, with casinos dedicating wide areas specifically for their own sportsbooks and racebooks.

Nevada Remains King of Sports Betting

Nevada Sports BettingAccording to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Nevada Sportsbooks recorded a $543.9 million handle for October. This is higher than New Jersey’s $487.9 million in the same month. Looking at the year-on-year numbers, this years is 2.9% higher than that of Nevada’s October 2018 numbers.

As for the revenue, October 2019 is at $47.9 million, which is a whopping 62.1% higher than October 2018. The main driving force for the numbers on Nevada’s books were from baseball and football wagers. The end of the baseball season falls on October, with the exciting World Series matchup between the Astros and the Nationals who won the championships. Meanwhile, the NFL and NCAA football season is only on its second full month.

For October, we saw $355.665 million in football wagers, with $82.986 million on baseball. Meanwhile, basketball was at $36.112 million, with other sports at a combined total of $58.418 million. And for would-be bookies, the opportunity to get into the industry and share a piece of the pie is made easy with a good pay per head sportsbook software. With this, you can start your very own sportsbook and start earning in just a short while.