New Hampshire Sports Betting Handle Exceeds Expectations

New Hampshire Sports Betting Handle Exceeds ExpectationsThe state of New Hampshire is not regretting its decision to legalize sports betting after its first month of operation. This is because the New Hampshire Sports Betting Handle took in $17.3 million in its first month.  Thus, the numbers were higher than their expectations with over 27,000 unique bettors since they began legal sports betting.

The New Hampshire lottery with its partner, DraftKings made legal sports betting available in the state on December 30, 2019. According to Pay Per Head Sportsbooks, bettors were able to bet online or in person on that date. Even though details are not yet available, the state Lottery said net profits were over $1.2 million in January.

According to state sports betting reports, the NFL playoffs were there bigger betting days in January.  In fact, each day brought in $1 million in bets alone.  Charlie McIntyre, the executive director of the NH Lottery said, the NFL was a big factor for their success.

A Win for Sports Betting in New Hampshire

Considering that there were only a football games to bet on, the New Hampshire Sports Betting handle was very good. However, the numbers do include early betting on the Super Bowl which is the biggest NFL event of the year. Needless to say, being a bookie is profitable in New Hampshire and they are hoping for more in the future.

Furthermore, NH did very well in terms of revenue thanks to Super Bowl LIV.  According to New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu, the state took in $1.2 million in Super Bowl Bets.  Thus, launching their legal sports betting program came at an excellent time.

In terms of revenue for New Hampshire, this means that they made about $1.2 million for their educational program. Gov. Sununu said that this is a “with for kids’ and that they are just getting started”.

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