New Hampshire’s Sportsbooks Report Higher Handles for January

Much of the news on sports betting reaffirms the upward trend of the growing sports betting industry. With states reporting increasing handles month after month, many more are convinced that it is very profitable to open a sportsbook. Even in the midst of a pandemic, the demand for sports betting is not going down. New Hampshire is a good example of this, with the data of New Hampshire’s sportsbooks for January showing the state breaking more records.

New Hampshire’s sports betting handle for the month of January is $59.795 million. This is a new record for the state. it is 15.8% higher than December 2020’s handle of $51.649 million. Incidentally, December 2020’s handle is the previous record high handle of the state. The handle for the state is more than satisfactory- especially for a state that only launched sports betting back in July 2019.

New Hampshire’s Sportsbooks

New Hampshire’s Sportsbooks Report Higher Handles for JanuaryMany online gambling sites that use the best sportsbook software started the year with great numbers. More people are placing bets, and more sports events are happening. Mobile sports betting shows a 13.2% increase at $49.439 for January. Meanwhile, retail sports betting also increases by 30% to $10.356 million. One of the biggest reasons why January is usually a good month for sportsbooks, is because bets on the Super Bowl are starting to increase.

While Super Bowl bets are huge, with experts estimating $7.1 million worth of wagers, it still resulted in a net loss for the event. Meaning, New Hampshire sports bettors won, with almost 81% betting on Tampa Bay. Super Bowl bets for this year is around $5 million higher than the previous year. Again, it is indicative of a very bullish betting market. With COVID-19 cases going down in the state, more people are going to retail sportsbooks, which contributed to the increase in handle for retail betting. However, more bettors from New Hampshire still prefer to use their preferred online sportsbooks to place wagers from the safety of their homes.


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