New NBA Partner is Bookie Firm

Learning how to become a successful bookie can be easy if you pay enough attention to detail. Its easier to think of it in three main categories. First, is to learn about sports. Second, is to learn about sports betting, particularly bookie pay per head secrets. The third one, is to maximize technology and use software sportsbook providers. But let’s also not forget to always, always keep track of what is going on in the gambling industry. There are two main news types you should look after: industry news, and sports events. And today, our gambling industry news talks a bit about both: The new NBA partner is William Hill as an Authorized Sports Betting Operator of the NBA in the US.

NBA Partner

NBA bettingAs a partner, William Hill will have the right to use official NBA data, as well as league branding across its sportsbooks and platforms in the US. They also gain advertising opportunities across, the NBA app, as well as its social media platforms.

William Hill has 85 years of experience in the betting industry, and is an international name in gambling. However, they have only started to gain popularity in the US market after the PASPA repeal in 2018. With US states allowing sports betting, more and more bookies, big and independent, are enjoying their operations in the US. Likewise, US sports leagues are also now opening up to partnerships and sponsorships with sports betting companies.

And with the popularity of these sports leagues, sports betting will gain even more popularity as the months progress. While the US still does not have sports betting access across the country, more and more states are legalizing sports betting in their areas. Others, meanwhile, are still developing and studying policy and laws that can be implemented and passed into law.