No Legal Sports Betting in North Dakota This year

No Legal Sports Betting in North Dakota This yearVoters in North Dakota will not be getting a ballot measure to decide whether to legalize sports betting or not. This is because yesterday, the state senate had a vote for House Concurrent Resolution 3002. Unfortunately for sports gamblers, the vote did not pass. Thus, there will No Legal Sports Betting in North Dakota this year.

According to bookie news, the purpose of the proposal was to allow the state to regulate and license sports gambling. Of course, this would only be betting on professional sports and teams. Unfortunately, the resolution by state representative, Greg Stemen lost after to a 16-30 vote. The majority of lawmakers did not support the idea because it cold open betting to youth and high school games.

However, even if it did pass, the state would then need the legislature to authorize sports betting. Therefore, a voter general election ballot would have to take place. Ultimately, the measure would have gone on to a general election ballot and be in the hands of the voters.

This is not the first attempt by North Dakota lawmakers to try and legalize sports betting in North Dakota. In 2019, an attempt was made but did not pass and just last year, another attempt was made. However, just like this year, it did no go through the state Senate.

No Legal Sports Betting in North Dakota as Bill Loses in the Senate

Following the Georgia legislature, Sports Betting in North Dakota. However, the reasons behind not making it legal are different. In Georgia, the senate did not even vote on it while in North Dakota they did have a vote.

According to pay per head service companies, the Dakota House of Representative was able to pass the measure in January. This was thanks to a 49-44 vote with an emphasis on bringing oversight and consumer protection to sports betting. To advocates of it, it makes sense to legalize it. since North Dakotans bet $300 million annually on sports betting.

In addition, supports of the legalizing sports betting say that $30 million in revenue goes to offshore sportsbooks. Since there are no real regulations abroad, legalizing sports betting would let bettors legally bet on it at home. Essentially, it would protect them and keep them from breaking the law.

Overall, supporters of the bill like Senator Scott Meyer believe that voters should decide on the issue. He says that “doing nothing will not protect those that need the help”. However, legalizing sports betting would allow entrepreneurs to open a sportsbook and protect gamblers.

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