Ohio Sports Betting Bill is Coming Soon

Ohio Sports Betting Bill is Coming SoonOhio is one of the states in the US that still does not have a regulated sports betting market. But State Senator Kirk Schuring (R) may be changing it soon. An Ohio sports betting bill is coming soon. Senator Schuring, Chair of the Ohio Senate Select Committee on Gaming, will be presenting his bill this coming Thursday. And while it is very easy for those who want to be a bookie, forming legislation to regulate a whole market is a bit harder. The bill will be including the coverage, fees, and more.

The Senator is still working on making sure that the bill will be drafted correctly. He is currently editing the 250-page sports betting bill that will expand gambling in the state. The bill will allow the state’s operators to offer sports betting, iLottery, and e-bingo,. It will also include video lottery terminals in selected areas. Of course, the specifics, such as the licensing fees, taxes, wagering limits, and such, will be presented in the press conference. Many states are earning millions from tax revenue and licensing fees on sports betting operations, and Ohio could definitely benefit from this.

Ohio Sports Betting Bill in the Works

Once the sports betting bill will be presented, the committee will be holding hearings on this bill. Since February, the committee has had informal hearings to consider what to put in the legislation. Input was welcomed from testimonies from committee members, industry experts, state sports leagues, businessmen, and those who create sports betting software for sportsbooks.

Earlier this year, Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine (R) predicted that Ohio will have sports betting legalized this year. The legislature has until Dec 31, the end of the session, to finalize the sports betting bill. But given the support from the business sectors, professional sports leagues, and even the governor, Ohio may be seeing a regulated sports betting market very soon.


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