Online Betting Bolsters Indiana Sports Betting Market

Indiana is one of the few US states that allows online and mobile sports betting in their states. And February was a good month for the Indiana sports betting market. We see the state has an increase in betting handle to a record-breaking $187.2 million. The best pay per head companies enjoyed the handle from February. Specially as there are quite a lot of sporting events that happened in that month. For Indiana, basketball was a popular sport, although we also have the Super Bowl.

Indiana Sports Betting Market in February

Indiana Sports BettingLooking at the numbers, Indiana’s February’s $187.186 million is 9.6% higher than January’s at $170.813 million. As we mentioned earlier, online sports betting is playing a crucial role in the increase of sports betting activities across the state. Mobile betting is very accessible to any one who has a smartphone or computer. And with Indiana,  we see how popular it is. For instance, retail betting was down by 13% from January’s $47.44 million to February’s $41.29 million. Meanwhile, mobile betting is up by 18.3%, with January’s handle at $123.37 to February’s $145.89 million.

Indiana still cannot compare itself to the large and busting online betting markets of New Jersey and Philadelphia. But the rate of growth of online betting locally is increasing healthily. This is especially true as mobile and online wagering Is 78% of the total handle for February.

Despite Indiana having a lower population (almost 6.7 million), the popularity of online wagering proves promising to those who want to earn money in sports betting. And since a good pay per head demo will help you find your way, it will be very easy for you to actually create your very own sportsbook online. That way, you can take in wagers regardless of your location, and regardless of the time. As for Indiana, a state that loves betting on basketball, well, we do have the upcoming March Madness to keep everyone happy and busy. And, of course, the upcoming NBA playoffs.